The ABCs of Oral Cancer Symptoms | Yorba Linda Dentist

It may not be the most pleasant subject to talk about but becoming aware of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer could save your life. Close to 50,000 patients are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Men are actually twice as likely to get it than women, so it is important that they are extra careful when paying attention to symptoms that may be developing. The risks are much higher if treatment is delayed more than it need to be.

As far as indicators are concerned, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for:

  • Red and/or white spots in your mouth
  • A sore hasn’t healed within two weeks
  • A persistent hoarseness when you speak

If you find any of these early indicators, see a dental professional as soon as possible. If left untreated, more severe symptoms will develop. If they get to an advanced stage, treatment will become imperative. Here is what could develop if you don’t get medical advice:

  • A sensation that feels like something is stuck in the back of your throat
  • Any numbness in your mouth
  • Difficulty moving your jaw or tongue and have problems swallowing
  • Persistent pain in one particular ear
  • A lump or enlargement in the neck or lymph node area
  • If you wear dentures and you notice a sore beneath them that doesn’t heal

As always, prevention is key when it comes to our health. And because our mouths are the first line of defense, it is important that we are aware of any issues that may be developing.

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